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Ethereum To Outperform Bitcoin And Other Digital Assets



Ethereum is surrounded by all kinds of optimistic predictions these days. Check out the latest one below.

It’s been revealed that a popular strategist thinks Ethereum (ETH) is gearing up for an impressive rally that will outshine the rest of the crypto markets.

Justin Bennett just said that ETH’s set up on the Bitcoin (BTC) trading chart could see the digital asset surge toward the 0.105 and 0.160 BTC levels.

Michaël van de Poppe said the following:

“Also honestly; I don’t like the fact that #Bitcoin just remains flat, while #altcoins are getting sold off heavily in their $BTC pair. And then I mean; ADA, DOT, ETH, and more big ones getting sold off heavily. That’s actually a sign of weakness for the markets. Cautious.”

Bennett is also offering some clues as to whether the markets are going. Check out his tweet below.

Ethereum flippening is around the corner

The other day we were revealing another exciting issue about Ethereum.

Raoul Pal said that Ethereum will emerge with a larger market cap compared to Bitcoin in the future.

Pal said in a new interview with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough that the Ethereum/Bitcoin “flippening” could happen as soon as this market cycle, right before the market turns bearish again.

Ethereum’s market cap is currently about $486.7 billion, less than half of Bitcoin’s valuation, which currently sits around $1.07 trillion.

Pal clarifies that he doesn’t think of Ethereum as the “superior asset,” however.

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