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GALA Price Ranges High, Attempting To Hit $1 At The Earliest!



The NFT space is gaining huge user attention and adoption in recent times. As the traditional cryptos and the DeFi’s are slowly fading their popularity. More and more metaverse projects are surging with huge margins since the beginning of November.

Assets like Decentraland (MANA), The SandBox(SAND), Enjin Coin(ENJ) rose like a monster. However, another low cap gem with a $700 million market cap surged notably to be a $4 billion dollar asset. 

Gala, a lesser-known NFT which surged magnificently from around $0.08 to the current highs at $0.7554. Despite a slight pullback of 10% yet the asset is up by more than 54%. And hence after a small accumulation, the asset may resume with its uptrend to head towards the $1 milestone. 

The asset since it started rallying high appears to follow a particular trend of accumulation after a notable jump. The GALA price remained calm for the first fifteen days of the month and pulled a massive leg up. Further, the asset consolidates between the bullish pushes reached to kill the exhaustion. And finally propels with the next leg up with a notable margin. 

Therefore, current consolidation may also be a part of its pattern and hence an accumulation of the next couple of days may be on the cards. As the GALA price surged more than 60% after accumulating for nearly 3 to 4 days. The bullish move has already uplifted the price beyond the price target at $0.7. And hence the next target appears to be somewhere around $1 in the short term. However, if the asset maintains the current bull run, then $5 may also be not much distinct. 

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