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Live about Axie Infinity to give away 10 spots for Coingoback school on Black Friday



To celebrate Black Friday, Coingoback’s Axie Infinity School will raffle 10 people in the live from today (11/25) at Cointimes Twitch, that starts at nine-thirty at night (9:30 pm).

Axie Infinity is the best known game of the play-to-earn model, and Play is a “school” of Coingoback that opens up opportunities for its users to play for free.

Created to offer cashback to users who usually buy online, Coingoback is a Cointimes platform that now gives you the chance to earn money by playing, just apply to Play and receive your Axie Infinity account.


Play is a product within Coingoback, but it’s not called a school by accident, there’s a team ready to teach you everything you need to know about the game and how to be efficient at SLP farming.

Every fortnight, players receive their share (30% to 50% of the SLPs earned, depending on their performance) converted to bitcoin in their Coingoback accounts, where they can withdraw to any wallet whenever they like.

There are currently about 200 players earning money with Play. But, as expected, there is a large queue of users who also want to join.


Therefore, the easiest way to get a seat on Coingoback Play is by watching the lives on Twitch, which usually has a lot raffle. This Thursday (25), the draw is a special Black Friday and ten places will be awarded.

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