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Cardano Price Correction May Be Over, ADA Price Could Ignite Soon!



As the crypto space is flipping from the bearish divergence, a slight recovery from the previous losses is witnessed. Cardano on the other hand showcased an immense bullish trend that may help the asset to reignite the bull run. In the present scenario, the ADA price rally gathers immense strength as the current flip appears to be more prominent. 

ADA price was comfortably trending around $2 with reduced volatility, however, the recent sell-offs just extracted a huge chunk of gains. And hence the support levels around $2 are currently major resistance levels for the asset. Therefore the ADA price is required to climb high beyond these levels to register a notable uptrend.

As mentioned in the chart, the ADA price trended within the descending channel and about to test the upper resistance line. No doubt the asset attempted to break the downtrend a couple of times before, yet failed and collapsed to the middle levels. However, with a notable green candle, the asset successfully flipped the bearish trend. But still, the descending channel needs to be broken which is a challenging task. 

The asset is consolidating very close to the resistance levels. The trading volume also has risen considerably by more than 40% registering more than $2 billion. Interestingly, the MACD showcases a notable buying pressure building and hence the upper levels may be broken any time from now. On the other RSI in the 4hr chart is trending below 55 from more than 10 days indicating a healthy accumulation. 


Collectively, the Cardano price may range high in the coming days, however, it’s mandatory for the asset to test the crucial resistance around $2. Amid the gearing up of bullish trends, the ADA price may attempt to smash $2 at the earliest in order to range beyond $3 soon. 

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