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Ripple (XRP) Marketing Narratives No Drama Bells and Whistles



Ripple XRP Marketing Narratives are not Impressing Long-Term Holders in terms of profits.

Worry Wort Investors who have been holding XRP are like:  It’s $0.9 from $1.96. what is the point of all the success story posts, partnerships, and projects.  XRP price is not going higher. Are you using distraction tactic? Investors have been waiting for several years for the price to go up.

There is no doubt that Ripple is a great project and they are successful in what they do in terms of cross-border payments.  Did they ever over promise that the price of XRP will go very high? Or, Are the community assuming that the company implied the price of XRP will sky rocket?


Ripple Technology is great.  It is not a scam like many other projects out here.  It is doing a lot of good in terms of real-time use.

It just looks like not all cryptocurrencies or tokens are about profit making.  Some tokens are about facilitating use cases that are applicable real time.  Perhaps XRP is one such token with no drama, bells and whistles.

The kind of services delivered by Ripple requires some stability with the token they use as a mode of exchange. So, investors anticipating high profits need to rethink and know that high profits mean high risk and high volatility. This might not be true about XRP in terms of the kind of services it facilitates for Ripple.  May be the expectations of investors is not as realistic.


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