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Ethereum Whale Loading Up on Six Altcoins Amid Bitcoin and Crypto Market Resurgence



A crypto whale known for its Ethereum (ETH) holdings is making a splash by buying big into six different altcoins.

The transaction tracker WhaleStats tweeted out that a whale known as “Light” just bought over $11 million of Wrapped BTC (WBTC), which is an Ethereum token designed to maintain a constant peg to the price of Bitcoin.

“ETH whale ‘Light’ just bought 200 WBTC ($11,352,400 USD).

Ranked #4 on WhaleStats.”

The wallet now has a total value of $5.7 billion, including 362 WBTC valued at $20.2 million. WBTC at time of writing is worth $57,084, the same as BTC.

Light also scooped up a heaping helping of decentralized blockchain indexer The Graph (GRT).

“ETH whale ‘Light’ just bought 2,000,000 GRT ($1,849,946 USD).”

The Graph is down 6.23% today to $0.93.

The feeding frenzy continued as the whale acquired more than $1.8 million worth of decentralized exchange (DEX) SushiSwap, whose native token SUSHI is currently trading at $7.50.

“ETH whale ‘Light’ just bought 250,000 SUSHI ($1,837,500 USD).”

Next up is ILV, the native token of the open-world role-playing game Illuvium that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. The whale devoured a thousand ILV for more than $1.75 million.

“ETH whale ‘Light’ just bought 1,000 ILV ($1,753,260 USD).”

ILV is currently up 6.70% on the day and exchanging hands at $1,845.

The DEX feast also featured automated finance protocol Uniswap, with the whale shelling out $1.6 million on the UNI token.

“ETH whale ‘Light’ just bought 79,998 UNI ($1,603,965 USD).”

UNI is up 1.58% on the day to $20.52.

Last on the shopping list is Curve DAO(CRV), the token that powers the Curve Finance DEX. According to DeFILama, Curve has more total value locked up than any other DEX.

“ETH whale ‘Light’ just bought 250,000 CRV ($1,145,000 USD).”

The 86th-ranked crypto is down 2.83% today and priced at $4.67.

WhaleStats also provides insight into the most popular tokens among whales.

Of the top-10 tokens purchased over the past 24 hours, WhaleStats has ETH leading the list with 138 total purchased, followed by three different stablecoins: USDT, Circle’s USDC), and Binance USD (BUSD).

Source: WhaleStats

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