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NovaDAX diversifies portfolio with listing of five new currencies



THE NovaDAX, one of the largest Brazilian exchanges related to cryptoactives, further diversifies its portfolio with the launch of five new cryptocurrencies. This time, the chosen currencies are: KAVA, Harmony (ONE), Ontology (ONT), BakeryToken (BAKE) and Mdex (MDX). The company’s clients will already be able to trade on the next Monday, 11/29.

“NovaDAX is the exchange with the largest number of pairs in BRL in the Brazilian market, in recent months we have exponentially increased our portfolio and we intend to continue on this path; this is not promotion, it is NovaDAX”, says César Trevisan, Head of Business Development at NovaDAX.

The highlight of this list of releases goes to Harmony (ONE), the darling of the creators of decentralized applications (DApps).


Created in 2017 by former employees of Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, it’s mission is to foster innovation and help independent developers in their projects. Another interesting option is KAVA, a DeFi platform that allows users to borrow stablecoins, thus giving traders greater diversification freedom.

Furthermore, the BakeryToken (BAKE) has shown itself to be very promising, it was launched in September of last year and since then it has been stable and with good yields.

“NovaDAX has one of the largest cryptoactive portfolios in the country, our mission is to popularize the crypto market in Brazil. For that, there is nothing better than offering more and more options to traders who want to invest with us”, concludes Trevisan.


About NovaDAX

NovaDAX offers an ecosystem of services related to cryptoactives with high liquidity, low fees and high protection. The company, which was founded in Brazil in 2018, has the largest number of BRL pairs in the Brazilian market and has a diversified portfolio of more than 85 cryptocurrencies.

The exchange has one of the largest volumes* of financial transactions in crypto in the country and also provides advanced trading tools through a simple and friendly platform, ensuring fast, efficient and secure transactions for more than 850,000 customers. With the mission of popularizing the cryptocurrency market, NovaDAX was the first company in Brazil to provide a free digital account and prepaid card with payment in cryptp.