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Police seize cryptocurrencies from financial pyramid suspects in Goiás



The Civil Police of the State of Goiás (PCGO) launched an operation with the objective of dismantling a supposed financial pyramid scheme that promised high returns with investments in cryptocurrencies and other investments.

In “Operation Octopus”, held last Friday (27), agents carried out the first seizure of cryptocurrencies “on site”.

In a statement, the PCGO informed that it had effected the judicial blockade of approximately R$ 20 million from the gang.


“Operation Octopus” seizes cryptocurrencies

In all, the police carried out 15 kidnappings of values ​​in the investigated accounts at conventional financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.

PCGO did not specify in the statement the amount seized in cryptocurrencies. But the delegate responsible for the case, Webert Leonardo, told the G1 that the value was R$ 2 thousand.

Although the amount is low, especially considering the total confiscated, the seizure was cause for celebration by the corporation.


That’s because the action will help in the modernization of investigation and apprehension techniques in virtual financial crimes.

“We seize and convert virtual values ​​directly at the stage of the stagecoach, through intelligence knowledge breaking account passwords. The amount is converted to a judicial account linked to the investigation”, explained the delegate.

Leonardo also pointed out that this seizure is different from a court account blocking. After all, if the police don’t act quickly, suspects can run out of money in no time.


In addition to seizing the cryptocurrencies, the agents served 4 temporary arrest warrants, 11 search and seizure warrants and 2 hijackings of luxury vehicles. Police also found electronic devices, documents, cash and three firearms.

About the supposed financial pyramid

According to the investigations, which have lasted three months, the target group of the operation – whose name was not revealed – worked in the city of Bela Vista (GO).

The police discovered that the criminal organization had an organized structure and a division of tasks. And “company” attacked on two fronts: intermediation of bets on sports games and investments in cryptoactives.


In both cases, the group promised a certain profit of 50% per month at the beginning of activities (first half of 2020) and 30% in the most recent period.

The police action was supported by the PCGO’s Anti-Money Laundering Technological Laboratory, as well as by the Cryptoactive Operations Center of the General Coordination for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the PCGO’s Intelligence Operations Management .

It was due to the support of the nucleus focused on cryptoactives that the police were able to track financial resources and link people.


The accused can be held liable for the crimes of criminal organization, money laundering and crimes against the popular economy.

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