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Ripple (XRP) Liquidity Hub Digital Rights Management and A Cocktail of Innovations Brewing



Ripple recently expressed:  ICYMI:  We announced plans to launch our Liquidity Hub in 2022 to help financial services firms offer their customers the ability to buy and sell.

Community Reaction: Can someone tell me the difference between a crypto exchange and the Liquidity Hub?

I believe the liquidity hub searches all the exchanged and gets the best prices for your spending. Like for example Expedia searching all the flight companies looking for the best price to fly somewhere.  This is like Fireblocks, but made by Ripple for member banks to be able to seamlessly custody crypto for their customers.  Liquidity hub will be used by financial companies not anyone like exchanges.


What does XRP mean in life? XRP makes no sense at all. Therefore, it should not exist in this market.

What is Ripple doing to solve the digital rights issue especially since they were late to NFTs? Might as well find a niche that they can tackle head on and be early this time.

Late for crappy JPEGs that I can copy paste without consequence. Super early for real-estate, real art, contracts, copyrights, etc.


What timeframe do you see this taking place? David Schwartz expressed: I think it mostly depends on whether anyone wants to champion it. Technology could gradually move in that direction but also someone could take up the torch and really drive it to market.

I find that interesting, with the advancements made in technology and how quickly technology advances you would think this would already be moving forward. Give it 3-5 years it will be on Ripplenet.

If XRP and ripple are ready for ISO 20022 compliancy/regulation does that mean everything being built on the XRPL/XUMM are also compliant to meet with regulations?


When Ripple Entertainment subsidiary?

Recently, Joel left a golden thread on rights.  Just wait a few months and wait for either Ripple to make it happen. Brilliant!

Digital Rights management for both the buyer and the seller is what is needed and I am sure there are solutions that can address this also from the XRPL and ALGO like OPUL and many others.


With airline tickets and concert tickets they have expiry dates on them so how will that work as semi fungible will they be considered as memorabilia or some sort.

Is it possible to create different levels of fungibles rather than creating new terms? For example Fungible-1 is money, crypto and gold. Fungible-4 are concert tickets and airplane tickets and Fungible-10 are non-fungible items.

We need to see stuff unfold with time.


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