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‘VeChain Thorsday’ on 2 Dec, 2021 VeChain (VET) Grows and Attracts the Attention



VeChain Foundation Expressed:  We are excited to introduce VeChain Thorsday! Each Thursday, we’ll be hosting projects built on VeChainThor over on our Discord channel. Tune in weekly to hear what’s happening, meet the community and win prizes! Keep your eyes peeled for our first session, coming soon.

Love Metaverse, NFTs & GameFi? Join the first ‘VeChain Thorsday’ on 2 Dec. at 8PM UTC & begin exploring projects built on VeChain.

Community Reaction:  How about you take one of these days and explain how you need to sell 1.3 billion vet a quarter to pay for ongoing business expenses.


It makes sense, as VeChain grows and attracts the attention of more enterprises and governments, they really can’t have individual team members getting into it with Twitter personalities. All communication needs to be streamlined, appropriate and well timed.

Could some supply of the currency be burned in the near future and be in more exchanges?

Just tell me how VET token is going to get advantage of all your partnership?  Growth, if you read the white paper. It tells you everything you need to know.


What are VET’s plans for 2022? Recently, VET has been sideways and there is no latest dynamic.

This is exactly what we need, more activity in the networks.  It is time that we give it the importance that this great project really has, I hope that this year 2022 we will continue to see more activity with VET. I keep holding on until the end.

Always someone complaining, always something to complain about. Buy the coins with puppies and bunnies. Another good step for VET.


Very promising I liked the concept of the project but there has been very little communication from the team.

I rather see enterprise adoption then hype tweets. So, far no other blockchain tech companies that have the type of growth then VeChain, but I understand your opinion.

Not looking for hype tweets, however, VET governance is a public process, at least for now (voting for mainnet updates, gas fees). What happens if they lose public support and can’t get important updates passed? Better to start re-shaping public perception sooner than later


This is a brilliant idea for more community participation and for everyone to get familiarised with projects built on VeChain.

VET runs POA, calls themselves an enterprise platform – has no major announcements, starts dipping into NFTs (crappy ones), Now Metaverse, and Sunny says Vechain 3.0 is DAO? Is this why Vechain foundation has been selling for Op costs? wheres the focus?

Is it going to benefit VET token? No? What a crypto?


You guys really need to hire an experienced community relations person.

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