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XRP Whales Are Moving $24 Million Worth of Tokens from Exchanges Amid 6% Rally




XRP whales are continuously moving their funds away from exchanges amid accelerated cryptocurrency market rally

Following the recovery on the cryptocurrency market, XRP whales are joining the global outflows trend and moving their funds away from centralized exchanges like Bithumb and FTX. 

Transactions on chain

According to the Whale Alert transaction tracker, two transactions have appeared on the XRP blockchain: the latest transaction was made from the FTX exchange to an unknown wallet and was worth $14 million XRP coins. The first transaction appeared one hour before the FTX withdrawal and was worth $10 million.


According to data from the tracker, the Bithumb wallet transaction is being made to another wallet labeled with the exchange’s name. It’s most likely tied to the fact that in order to withdraw funds, Bithumb uses multiple hot wallets rather than one large address.

The FTX transaction, on the other hand, is being made to the wallet of a completely different HitBTC exchange. The wallet of the exchange holds 26 million XRP and is most likely being used as another hot wallet for placing orders.


XRP short-term rally

Both transactions have been made during the short-term rally present on the XRP trading pairs. Currently, Ripple is trading in a short uptrend and remains at 6% growth since the last week.

Ripple was one of the victims of the global cryptocurrency market correction that led to the retrace of all the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and the larger altcoins. After a recovery on most of the traditional markets, the cryptocurrency market followed with an average 10% recovery.

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