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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity user converts Magic Internet Money to earn over $82,000 a year



  • Axie Infinity’s “play-to-earn” game opens a frontier to a new gaming economy, turning holders bullish on AXS price. 
  • A former Goldman Sachs research associate claims that converting rewards earned on Axie Infinity to USD could exceed his annual income. 
  • Analysts have predicted that Axie Infinity price could double before the end of the current bull run. 

A player of play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, has confirmed that the game offers higher rewards than a Goldman Sachs’ research associate’s salary. Analysts have a bullish outlook on the gaming token’s price.

Axie Infinity price continues recovery amidst rising popularity 

The play-to-earn blockchain game Axie Infinity has witnessed a rise in active unique users. Considered an indicator of the game’s popularity and AXS demand, the number of active unique users has fueled a bullish narrative for the gaming token. 

Proponents note that the game has opened a new frontier, luring players to the crypto economy. The in-game rewards, in the form of AXS and SLP tokens, can be redeemed for US dollars and other currencies on exchange platforms. Players refer to the rewards as “magic internet money.” 

A former Goldman Sachs’ research associate Sam Peurifoy, (in-game name- “Das Kapitalist”), told Bloomberg News that money earned from converting the “magic internet money” from playing Axie Infinity could  amount to more than his annual income. The average annual income for a Goldman Sachs associate in the US is over $82,904. 


Axie Infinity price has posted over 4% gains over the past two weeks. The token’s price is recovering from a 12% price drop in the last week of November 2021. 

Guy, a cryptocurrency analyst at the YouTube channel “Coin Bureau,” is bullish on Axie Infinity. The analyst evaluated the AXS price trend and predicted a 2x gain in the gaming token’s price before the end of the ongoing bull run. 

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