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CBDC: Japan urged to intensify its development



  • Japan urged to intensify the development of its CBDC
  • Bank of Japan intensifies research
  • Government officials continue to mount pressure on BOJ

Countries across the world are presently ramping up preparations to create their respective central bank-backed digital currency. Although some countries have launched their CBDC, China still leads in top countries hoping to list the currency. With China and other countries still in the lead, Japan has been urged to intensify its approach towards making its CBDC. According to the report, politicians have urged the finance officers to make haste and debut its digital currency like most countries.

BOJ intensifies research into its CBDC

Japan has been integral in the adoption of digital assets over the years, and the politicians do not want to lose this status. According to many reports, China is still testing as its CBDC is continually being tested across the country. Recently, it inked several partnerships with brands to intensify the testing in major cities. In its race to outpace China, Japan has bolstered its financial officer, which is tasked with researching every aspect concerning digital currencies. Despite its lengthy move to develop its CBDC, the Bank of Japan has preferred to attack it with caution. But with the increased pressure from the top echelons in the country, the bank might be forced to consider a new and aggressive approach.