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Is Cardano Price Ready For Bullish Reversal? Traders Watch These Crucial levels



ADA Price established a new high price of $3.08 two months ago. The altcoin has been struggling to keep up with its earlier stellar performances.

In November 2021, the Cardano price struggled. It began the month around $2 and then jumped more than 22% to a monthly high of $2.3766. It then plummeted 44.55 percent to $1.4235, a multi-month low.

Cardano Must Hold Critical Level

Cardano (ADA) must hold a key level to maintain its positive market structure, according to a well-known crypto strategist and trader. 

Despite Cardano’s dramatic slide from its all-time high, crypto analyst Jason Pizzino assures his 242,000 YouTube subscribers in a new strategy session that the smart contract platform is still on a broadly positive trend. At the moment, the overall trend is still a huge bull market. 

If we broke the lows at approximately $0.90, he wouldn’t call it a bull market anymore, but at the moment, we’ve closed above the 50% [Fibonacci level], so it’s still going strong. [It’s trading at] $1.60, and the 50% is at $1.59, so it’s $0.01 higher, so there are just a few minor indicators there.

Cardano’s significant decrease this month, according to Pizzino, could signal the end of ADA’s multi-month corrective period.

“You can see how much, how quickly it starts to fall towards the end. And from this point, I am saying ‘potentially’ the end. I can’t say for sure it is, but it’s quite often that you get a very sharp move towards the end of the downtrend and then a reversal…I don’t see a reversal yet, but the first sign is there for me that the market has taken a sharper turn down.” 

According to public on-chain data, the number of active addresses on the Cardano ($ADA) network has lately increased from roughly 150,000 per day to over 480000, before plummeting back to 200,000. 

The data shared by Messari shows that when the price of the Cardano fell, the number of active addresses unexpectedly increased. At the time of writing, the altcoin is trading at $1.58 and has declined by 2.7 percent in the last 24 hours.

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