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New Order Collaborates with Outlier Ventures to launch new DeFi projects



An emerging community-led Decentralized Autonomous Organization (or DAO) incubator that is dedicated to early-stage Decentralized Finance projects in the market called New Order has recently announced a partnership with Outlier Venture’s Base Camp which is a renowned web3 accelerator. Together, both New Order and Outlier Ventures would release more than 30 different DeFi projects within the next two years.


The partnership was made possible after New Order managed to raise a total of $4 million through a private fundraising round which saw participation from several top-tier venture capital firms as well as certain angel investors. This private funding round was ultimately led by Outlier Ventures,  Digital Finance Group, and also LedgerPrime.

According to the DAO incubator company, the funds would support the launch of incoming DeFi projects during their early stages. New Order is set to go live in December as a DAO incubator to start working on its initiative of releasing up to 30 new DeFi projects each year.

Layer-1 networks along with DeFi projects are on New Order’s radar at the moment to create its original venture platform in the future. The co-founder of New Order, Eden Dhaliwal agrees that their DAO structure is committed to bringing together some of the best DeFi builders available while taking care of funding and building with the support of their community from the very beginning.

As DAO models continue to be a symbol of successful initiatives that gain not only support and popularity among other blockchain-powered projects, New Order presents an advantageous opportunity to democratize access to investing. It is permissionless and equally open-source to provide resources to next-gen DeFi projects. New Order would be opening up a DeFi marketplace for revenue in the form of BTC, ETH, and supported stablecoins, thus making it an increasingly diversified DAO Treasury.

Partnership Goal:

The partnership between New Order and Outlier Ventures is a positive indication, especially when the DeFi incubator is already on its way to becoming one of the key innovators within the Decentralized Finance space. New Order is assisted by its existing community of builders, smart contract devs, and interested investors to give rise to the next-gen DeFi apps (some of which would also support the Metaverse).

The long list of corporate supporters who have joined New Order as investors would help extend the reach of the incubator’s to build a bridge between offline and online worlds and also design DeFi startups with untapped potential.

One of the leading investors of the recent private fundraiser, LedgerPrime’s CIO, Shiliang Tang said that the changes in coordination through DAOs have led to this collaboration among early-stage venture creators. The company’s involvement with New Order is in fact an important aspect of empowering builders to redesign structures located outside orthodox venture models.

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