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SHIB Price Triumphs Toward New Milestones! Will Shiba Inu Flip Dormant ADA and XRP?



Shiba Inu (SHIB) has achieved a new breakthrough by excelling beyond a 1 million user base although its price has been trading 50% below its ATH. The meme coin has managed to drag the attention of a larger user base amid raising FUDs over the new Covid strain and US inflation. However, an update of the breakthrough and generation of subsequent higher lows in the recent past stimulated community growth. 

SHIB Adoption Peaks!

Moreover, the SHIB token was recently listed on the Kraken exchange on high user demand, followed by which the token enjoyed significant gains. A surge in the excitement towards the asset has been prompting other popular exchanges to list the meme token. Interestingly, a popular Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Mercado Bitcoin is all set to list SHIB on December 2nd, 2021. So, the meme coin now gets exposure to a larger user base. 

Owing to the recent developments, investors pile up their portfolios with a huge chunk of SHIB tokens. A reputed healthcare service provider Ask the Doctor has recently purchased approximately 31 billion SHIB worth $1.5 million USD. In addition, the institute would soon enable SHIB payments with their healthcare partners. 


SHIB to Challenge Cardano and Ripple?

SHIB price has seen exponential growth since the start of the quarter with record-high gains. However, prime coins under the top 10 such as Cardano and Ripple have been depreciating in their market cap with nil volatility. In the recent rally, SHIB’s trading volume on the Binance exchange has surpassed Bitcoin’s trading volume. Hence, it would be no surprise, if ADA and XRP fail to find any momentum in the short term, then the meme coin would easily outstrip them. 

However, SHIB’s price has managed to break $0.00003849 followed by its listing on the Kraken exchange. Along with fundamentals, the altcoin holds a bullish technical perspective to chug up toward new highs. RSI is at 45.65 favoring a bull run to commence soon, hence it would again breach the resistance around $0.00004258. 

Collectively, traders are pleading SHIB to be listed on Robinhood. If speculations come into reality and altcoin manages to keep up the price momentum, then Shib would soon skyrocket to break old records. 


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