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Cardano To Rise, Trader Encourages 2022 Cardano Investments



  • A crypto trader expects Cardano to be parabolic in 2022.
  • He explains why Cardano will likely rise up in 2022.
  • He also shares his investment plans for 2022.

Trader Lukas Moore shares his piece on why Cardano (ADA) will be parabolic in 2022. He begins by explaining Cardano’s journey so far and goes on to explain why now is a great opportunity to invest in the asset.

To start off, he says that Cardano’s ecosystem has massive potential for 2022. Thus, he encourages traders to prepare themselves for an advantageous future. In fact, he highlights many opportunities that will present itself in the Cardano ecosystem for the coming year.

The article goes on to highlight the many highs of 2021. Indeed, there have been many new developments this year. To name a few, Solana’s layer 2 project, the rise of meme coins, and the emergence of metaverse projects.

However, one of the most important developments is the fact that Cardano released smart contracts. With this, users on the ecosystem could finally do more on the platform. Still, the network’s momentum is going much slower than investors expected.

This is why some projects and investors are switching track to Solana and other ecosystems. In contrast, true Cardano believers are staying put and eagerly awaiting for Cardano to explode. This is because Cardano has taken a more academic approach.

In order to not rush the project and deal with missteps, the project is slowly and steadily working its way up to meeting set milestones. So far, the team has delivered on every milestone it set and hasn’t faltered a single time.

Hence, while the build up to the final stage is slow, it is still on time, strong, and secure. Not to mention, the community is also steadily growing and more and more projects are making their way onto the platform.

Since the Alonzo mainnet launch, smart contracts can now be deployed on Cardano. Therefore, those with technical development skills are starting to build projects on Cardano. With more mainnet upgrades, this process will become even simpler, and more users will deploy their projects as well.        

Thereby, this analyst in particular is hedging his bets. He concludes the article with his plan to take risks on small-cap projects on Cardano. He believes that there are many short-term gains to be made and so Cardano will become a bull market in 2022.

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