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Justin Sun of TRON (TRX) bought 100 Coins at An Average USD price of 47,627.03 Bitcoin



Justin Sun is optimistic that active and new accounts hit new ATH today. TRON network is very stable in the extreme market condition and attracting more users every day.

Also stated, To match the CEO of El Salvador Nayib Bukelee’s offer, I just bought the dip – 100 coins at an average USD price of 47,627.03 Bitcoin.

Tron community member was like:  What about your own coin tron trx? How about buying that? That’s down too. Try to do something about that, that hasn’t done anything for a long time. All the hype but never any movement in it.


Otherwise activities in the TRON foundation are progressing.

Tron Foundation expressed:  Dear TRONICS, Our API function update has been completed. Our data on Coin Market Cap and other platforms have been updated and synchronised in real-time.

The circulating supply seems to increase suddenly on Coin Market Cap due to the update delay rather than caused by sudden transactions.


Coin Market Cap is one of the top crypto tracker websites globally, and we will cooperate more closely to ensure to provide all TRONICS with more timely and accurate data information.

Community Response:  Still a TRONIC, but very disappointed. I can’t believe more people are not. This has cut the gains possibilities to a fraction. TRON usually makes things right so I’m looking forward to that, but one foots out the door.

It looks correct Chris I never relied on CMC always monitored Tron Scan data supply circulation and it is correct. CMC had old data.


So now max supply is unknown? We have an additional 30 billion circulating no warning nothing.

How do you say this? And what is the interpretation of 40% + market for TRX?

Otherwise, The TRX and NFT Holders Airdrop event has been extended to 6th Dec.  Thus, it is never too late to join.


Right after the TRX and NFT Holders Airdrop event was launched, more and more attention were drawn. But many users were too late to join or felt hard to figure out our rules. So, we decide to extend the end of the event to 6th Dec, 2021.

Community was like, what is the fun of having NFT if it’s value is near to zero?

TRON SCAN stated, the average daily transfer volume of stable coins on TRON network reached $9,677,999,233 (11.26-12.02) this week.  Relying on the strong alliance of 4 TRON -based stable coins USDT, USDJ, TUSD and USDC.  TRON’s ecosystem is continuously increasing.