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Peter Schiff Names Real Reason Behind Bitcoin Drop



Popular digital assets critic believes that measures against inflation are the real reason behind the most recent market correction

The famous Bitcoin and crypto critic, Peter Schiff, provided his Twitter subscribers with a potential reason behind one of the largest corrections on the cryptocurrency market this year.

According to Schiff, Bitcoin’s correction was tied directly to the Fed’s action toward risk assets like cryptocurrencies and some stocks. Previously, Jerome Powell hinted that tapering might happen sooner than the market expects.

In addition to the end of the quantitative easing monetary policy, Powell has stated that the point rate may be increased sooner than was expected due to the inflation’s change of nature, which has become a real threat to the country’s economic safety and stability.

All of the actions that the Fed is currently taking are designed to control inflation, which is currently hitting highs previously observed back in the Depression era.

High-risk assets like Bitcoin and other digital assets were allegedly considered a store of value for those who wished to protect their funds from increased inflation. Schiff is a widely known critic of cryptocurrencies, and he believes they should not be considered an inflation hedge.

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