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Missed Cardano $ADA? You need to check Bitrise



Cardano $ADA is one of the cryptocurrencies many people wish they had bought when the coin launched. The early Cardano investors have made millions of dollars in profits, leaving many crypto investors wishing they never missed out. But the crypto market always provides investors with Cardano-like opportunities from time to time.

  • Bitrise offers better investor rewards
  • Fast-growing cryptocurrencies
  • Fastest developing DeFi program

Bitrise is DeFi protocol that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The decentralised platform will enable users to earn, spend and lend. But there are key elements making it the next Cardano in terms of investment.

One of the reasons Bitrise coin might be the Cardano $ADA is the team’s pace of developing this protocol. In just four months, the team has developed Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audit, and dApp wallet, which are products running on the Bitrise ecosystem. More are coming up in Q1-2022.

The fast accomplishment is attracting thousands of crypto investors. Already the demand for the $BRISE token is skyrocketing because of demand created by the new buyers. That’s one way the coin will become the next Cardano $ADA.

The attractive rewards that the Bitrise is another reason why this coin might be the next Cardano $ADA. The appealing rewards have attracted more investors to buy the coin, and that’s how the coin value grows.

Bitrise token economics includes an automated buyback and burning process that creates tokens scarcity. In return, the demand for the token rises, and the price automatically goes up. That’s how investors are gaining from this token, which makes it the next big thing.

In addition to that, every 4% of all transactions is redistributed to $BRISE holders for just holding tokens. The reward is sent automatically into the token holders’ wallets in BNBs every 60 minutes. The static rewards are attracting many investors, which is making the coin stronger in the market.

The coming staking is another factor that will make Bitrise coin the next Cardano $ADA. Bitrise is sharing 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products running in the ecosystem among the staked tokens. The staking has seen the $BRISE value grow significantly as thousands join the coin. With a successful staking, more products coming up, and the attractive tokenomics, there is no doubt that this is the next Cardano $ADA.

For those missed on Cardano $ADA, Bitrise is providing a second opportunity. The coin has everything to be the Cardano $ADA. It has a solid project and strong token, just like Cardano $ADA. Feel free to follow Bitrise social medial platforms for the latest updates.

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