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Cardano Foundation CEO Answers Questions on Their Shift to Smart Contract



  • Bullishdumpling hosted a Fireside Chat interview where Cardano Foundation CEO appeared as a guest.
  • He addressed most of the questions regarding their plans for smart contracts acquisition.

Bullishdumpling hosted a crypto chat titled the ‘Fireside Chat’ series, where Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard appeared as a surprise guest.

Regarding smart contracts, Gregaard discussed and answered most of the pressing questions of the Cardano community on how the company plans to make things easier and smoother for developers to build on the Cardano blockchain.

Emphatically, the event took place on the Reddit platform wherein most of the questions circled smart contracts acquisition. This indicates that even the ADA community is also eager for Cardano to have its own smart contracts technology anytime soon.

By answering some of the questions, he disclosed that the Cardano Foundation wants to be super supportive of ADA projects in many ways. They have a strong goal to build an interactive and resourceful online portal where developers can interact with boxes of codes.

In another sense, the portal will bring hundreds of developers together under one single space, all for Cardano’s betterment. Also, through the portal, they will share several different projects for user-based adoption, according to him.

To achieve all these possibilities, Gregaard mentioned that they will work hand-in-hand with Universities, education platforms, or any other blockchain-oriented network to share the love to get smart contracts together.

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