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Monero multisignature wallet code compromised



  • A bug has been identified in the monero multisignature code.
  • Customers’ funds could be at risk if they transact with untrusted parties.
  • The monero team is working to find a solution as soon as possible.

The users and participants of the Monero ecosystem have been alerted to inconsistencies in the network. According to binaryFate, a Monero developer, several vulnerabilities have been identified in implementing Monero multi-signature wallets. 

The vulnerabilities have not affected the organized principles behind the system. The threat has compromised the wallet code implementing multisigs. The vulnerability was first released through the vulnerability response process. Key developers and MRL contributors have been informed about this issue. 

There have been ongoing discussions on it. The team decided it was better to inform the public for security purposes. The community has received the news well, praising the network’s transparency.

Monero vulnerability interferes with multisignature creation and signing
Monero multisignature wallet can form, sign, and submit transactions as a group. The number of signatures needed to sign a transaction varies depending on the type of wallet. The figure may be less or equal to the number of copayers of the wallet. The current threat can interfere with multisignature wallet formation. Additionally, it can affect multisignature transaction signing. The bug can cause funds to be stolen by one of the signing parties.


Customers are urged to stay away from multisignature transactions if possible. The team reassured people to stay calm as the solution would come on board soon.

Still, if the multisignature parties trust each other, they can perform transactions. It is worth noting that funds are not at risk when they stay intact. If the wallet-creation process is not abused, then all is well. The team expects to come up with a solution within the week. They expect to give customers feedback.

There are trillions of dollars invested in blockchain-based cryptos. According to reports, the market is estimated to be worth over $3 trillion. There are vulnerabilities associated with blockchain, but they are not as widely recognized. Blockchain is often touted as safe and unhackable. But there are many threats associated with digital assets.


Understanding Multisig wallets
Multisignature wallets (multisig) came about to increase security. They prevent crypto wallets from being tampered with by hackers. They work with a similar concept as bank vaults. The vaults require more than one key to gain access.

Multisigs are not any different. They require more than one key to unlock. More than two private keys are necessary to send a transaction. Therefore, this digital signature form allows users to sign documents as a team. The storage method requires a private key’s unique fingerprint to access the wallet.

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