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Will This Move By Tether Jeopardize The Crypto Market’s Incoming Bull Run?



The crypto market’s crash in the recent past has been terrifying for the folks from the crypto sphere. As digital assets across the charts have exhibited double-digit losses. Billions from the market cap of the industry have gone Houdini. Which is currently at $2.3 trillion from the sky-high peaks of $3 trillion a couple of weeks ago. 

Netizens have been pondering over the plausible reason for the market cycle. Which is currently not the one that the industry is wishing for. Meanwhile, Tether minting $1,500,000,000 worth of USDT out of thin air has been paradoxical for the players from the business. 

Is Tether The New Wolf? 

A mention on a public platform goes like Tether has minted $1,500,000,000 worth of USDT out of thin air. The documentation of the creation of the asset, its movements remains in a mist. The mint of such big numbers has left the space in turmoil. 

This is in addition to a steep incline in the movements of deep-pocketed traders. According to substantial sources, 29,999,959 USDT was transferred from Huobi to an unknown wallet. 19,998,355 USDT moved from Huobi to Bitfinex. Movement of 40,000,000 USDT from FTX to Tether Treasury, which is an addition to a long list of transactions. 

Wherefore geeks are trying to connect the dots to vivid possibilities. One such possibility is following the footprints the massive printing of USD has left behind. Which did perplex people around the globe, and is a growing concern for the beneficiaries of the asset class. Sections have also been contemplating it to be a plausible catalyst for the market’s crash. 

Collectively, one of the paramount rationales behind the burgeoning concern is USDT being a primary pair against digital assets. In case of an uncertain event, the space could experience adverse impacts. Howbeit, the assumptions would not justify the movements of digital assets in the market. As there are numerous other factors that have been in play. The maze of time will help the industry rise beyond the odds.

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