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BitTorrent Recovery May Be Huge And Imminent, Buy BTT at Lower Price Now!



The crypto market is attempting to recover from the losses incurred during the previous crash. While Bitcoin’s price regained its positions above $50K, Ethereum’s price is also heading towards the $4500 mark. Amid the coiling bullish market sentiments, BitTorrent Price just enjoyed a huge long jump. The platform received a huge volume which is dominated by the bulls that propelled the price more than 65% since the last trading day. 

A huge volume influx on the platform led the BTT price on fire and hence the asset ranked high and attempted to test the crucial resistance at $0.004100. The current surge points out towards a notable jump pre-programmed ahead which could ignite BTT’s bull run towards the highs which is nearly 70% distinct from here. However, by breaking the downtrend, yet the asset is pointing out towards the beginning of the bull run yet again.

As mentioned in the chart the BTT price broke from a huge downtrend with an influx of volume that spiked more than 372% recording above $3 billion. Currently, it’s mandatory for the price to retest and clear the crucial resistance levels at $0.004615. Once done, the asset could eventually confirm with an uptrend and may head towards the next level around $0.006341. In case of a downtrend, the asset may retest the resistance levels which would be flipped into support and initiate with a rebound. 

Collectively, BitTorrent’s price is all set to regain its lost positions above $0.01 levels. Yet the journey seems to be pretty long but could be possible if the asset clears the above-mentioned levels. At the press time, BTT price is among the top 10 most traded assets excluding the stable coins and hence the uptrend is expected to continue for the next couple of days. 


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