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MATIC, BNB, LUNA, And INJ’s Odyssey To The Moon!



Altcoins from the crypto sphere have been raging ahead at an impeccable rate, in terms of growth metrics, adoptions, and alliance. The flight path of numerous digital assets has been startling for the masses in the business. The code of conduct practiced by several altcoins has been challenging to most of the top-tier digital assets.

A protagonist from the industry illuminates altcoins like MATIC, BNB, LUNA, and INJ. While citing the tenacity of the blockchain in professing adoptions and alliance. Buyers from the crypto town have been holding digital assets while hunting for newer ones.

Will Altcoins Scrape The Limits Of The Sky?

The protagonist from the industry edifies MATIC, BNB, LUNA, and INJ. Which have been ascending in terms of utility and growing adoption. The aforementioned cryptos have been making their presence felt amongst enthusiasts in the crypto town.


Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon teams up with Wanchain to launch a decentralized layer-2 to layer-2 cross-chain bridge connecting Arbitrum and Polygon PoS. This bridge empowers Polygon’s growing suite of solutions including Hermez, PoS, SDK, and Avail. The initiative would energize the growth metrics of the network while boosting the price. Owing to Arbitrum being the finest Ethereum roll-up solution. While Polygon is the top sidechain solution. 

Binance Smart Chain (BNB)

Binance Smart Chain has implemented a fee-burning mechanism for its native token BNB. The gumption similar to that of Ethereum’s EIP-1559 could help numbers improve with on-chain metrics. The platform is the second most used blockchain in the world of De-Fi by TVL and transactions could benefit immensely from the burn.

Injective Protocol (INJ)

Injective Protocol will be launching gas-free deposits, the new users can earn rebates from transfer and trades on Injective Labs. The reimbursement can be claimed for any gas transfer fees that the user has incurred. 


The makers have set forth a $120 million incentive program, such that users can earn rewards with every trade. The Injective bridge will be connecting to Terra. The platform will also be hosting a GuildFi token. 

Terra (LUNA)

Terra is currently the third-largest blockchain by total value locked. The altcoin is ranking behind Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain while being ahead of Solana and AVAX as cited by the proponent. The ranking is despite the fistful applications being based on. 

The industry proponent mentions that the platform could see a large amount of burn taking place. To get access to UST stable coins to enter Terra-based De-Fi. Which could also fuel the price to soar higher.


Collectively, the aforementioned digital assets have been receiving impetus at a steady rate, owing to the potential of the protocol. Enthusiasts from the communities are optimistic of the digital assets soaring higher with the commencement of the bull run.

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