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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Towards a Historical Day



Development Foundation recently expressed:  At tomorrow’s hearing, I’ll make the case that stablecoins are a critical component of a more equitable financial system. There are some incredible solutions in the Stellar ecosystem already solving problems created by gaps in the existing system. I’ll shine a light on them.

My great hope is that we move forward looking at the meaningful financial innovation that can come from working together, to help citizens and businesses benefit from more accessible, efficient services. This drives me every day. I look forward to sharing more tomorrow.

Community Reaction:  I can’t wait. tomorrow will be historical day for XLM and you. I won’t sleep.


Hopefully highlighting the deployment of stable coins outside of the USA will reduce the political theatre. The USA being left behind in the adoption of blockchain technology will get their attention eventually.

The fact that you’re part of the small group invited to the table says a lot. Continue the great work.

A light on them? What do you think of the dying investors? You think you’re just making your own name, ignoring the XLM price?


It is everyday dumping to gain more and more USD that drives you every day.

Investors or Traders? Investors think mid to long-term.  Traders think short term and when they’re not getting their returns they start to complain and die off. XLM will change the world with few other crypto projects, but it won’t be overnight, just like Rome wasn’t built in 1 day.

They can’t change the world but their wallets.


Time will tell. Is Stellar XLM backed by VC and/or big whales? Time HAS ALREADY told us. I’ve invested XLM more than 7 years.

Stable coins are the most underrated aspect of crypto. So much so that crypto as we know it would fail without them. We need stable for every currency, every stock, every asset class in existence. Then we’ll be getting somewhere.

We’ll see those in Congress that truly believe in equity and inclusion (for underbanked) and shine light on those who are protecting the established elite banking systems. It’s a start of a new day for all.


You should tell them just to clarify, our Jed was part of Ripple/XRP project. Stellar/XLM is similar so let’s get the Ripple XRP case over so we XLM won’t have BIG problems too.

Why do we have to watch while others earn money? I wonder why you and the foundation are dumping coins when the price goes up.

The Stellar ecosystem is going to free so many people around the world, and I mean that in the sense of the project objectives, to bring financial services to the unbanked, not the rising price of XLM to line the pockets of the ‘relatively’ privileged; keep up the great work.