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Silk Road Founder Supporters Distributed Native Token FREE: Details



Participants in FreeRossDAO unveiled their token FREE that represents a fraction of NFT paintings by Dread Pirate Roberts

The newly launched FreeRossDAO introduces the FREE token. FreeRossDAO was formed when participants in PleasrDAO began to fight for the freedom of Ross Ulbricht and for reform to the U.S. penitentiary system.

With FREE token, you can own a fraction of Ross Ulbricht’s paintings

According to the official announcement shared by FreeRossDAO, a decentralized organization designed to support Ross Ulbricht, its FREE token goes live.

The new token FREE is associated with a fraction of the ownership of the non-fungible token collection created by Mr. Ulbricht in a U.S. Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

Besides tokenized rights, FREE also represents an instrument to vote in all crucial referendums in FreeRossDAO.

FREE token is issued on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as ERC-20 token, so it should not be confused with many eponymous tokens running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Tron (TRX).

Yesterday, FREE token was listed on MEXC Global exchange in a pair with the U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin.

What is FreeRossDAO?

Previously, the plan was to name the core native utility and governance token of FreeRossDAO ROSS, but then it was rebranded to FREE.

As covered by U.Today previously, a team of prominent cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs (including Su Zhu, Robert Leshner and Stani Kulechov) created FreeRossDAO to promote and distribute NFTs with the paintings of Ross Ulbricht.

On Dec. 1, 2021, the legendary developer and crypto pioneer released his first NFTs drop, called “Genesis.” The debut NFT collection was sold for $6.2 million.

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