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Zilliqa Price Analysis: ZIL Crypto Price May Hit The Next Lower Low



  • Zilliqa’s price is currently in downside momentum and can soon see a new high in the future. Meanwhile, the coin has seen a drop of more than 6%
  • The technical indicators of ZIL suggest a downside trend in the price for the upcoming days. In contrast, the ZIL/BTC pair has also seen a loss of more than 1.99% in the past 24 hours

Why To Invest In ZIL Crypto?

ZIL crypto price has been observing a  tremendous downtrend because of the fall in Bitcoin in the previous days. Zilliqa coin is trading near the value of $0.059 and has seen a drop of more than 4%. The asset has an ROI of 1218% and has helped various classes of monetary patrons previously.

Zilliqa is an unrivaled display and decentralized blockchain with the limit of completing an immense number of trades in a matter of seconds. The resource has a most outrageous load of 21 billion tokens. It was first made as an arrangement for the Erc-20 token as a piece of their representative age in JAN 2018. The asset was made with the explanation that the whole token can be mined within a period of 10 years. Zilliqa network is gotten through PBFT arrangement shows which are significantly useful. One can place assets into ZIL as indicated by their necessities and resources needs.

Bears Of ZIL Crypto Are Pushing To Lower Level

Source: Trading view

The weekly technical chart of Zilliqa’s price suggests a strong bearish trend in the price for the future. In contrast, the asset price has seen a loss of more than 7%. ZIL price upside momentum may face a potential threat near $0.08 . The support price in the coin in the bearish downtrend can be seen $0.03. ZIL coin price is currently trading below 20 and 50 Daily Moving Average, with a strong bearish crossover. The 50 DMA of the asset is near at $0.08 making it a temporary support region of the price . The coin price is currently forming a strong downside pattern which may push the price to a lower low. If the price of the asset jumps 15 to 20% further below then a strong downside trend can be seen. ZIL/BTC pair can also see a strong upside.


ZIL coin price has been in a bearish mode and can soon see a strong reversal in the future. ZIL/BTC pair may also see a strong upside trend in upcoming days. An Investor can do their due diligence before investing.

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