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Dogebonk Becomes 1st Memecoin in Space, Smashes Musk’s DOGE-1 Rocket Mission



  • Dogebonk becomes the memecoin launched in space, dethrone Elon Musk’s DOGE-1 rocket mission for 2022.
  • Upon the launch, the Dogebonk team paid for the project with DOBO crypto.
  • The Dogebonk project is trending on Twitter with the hashtag “Sorry Elon”.

Dogebonk defeats Elon Musk’s most anticipated DOGE-1 rocket mission after its stratospheric launch on December 15. For this achievement, Dogbonk has become the first memecoin launched in space.

Before the launch, the Dogebonk team paid for the project with DOBO crypto. Dogebonk has become popular on Twitter under the hashtag “Sorry Elon.” Without exaggeration, the project is trending on Twitter with huge strides and vibe from its community.

Yesterday, one of the Dogebonk developers tweeted sarcastically that,

Sorry Elon, but we beat Dogecoin as the first memecoin in space. Watch us prove it tomorrow on our stream.

With this proceeding, one of Dogebonk’s community members also gave a follow-up tweet,

Sorry Elon, looks like the BonkSquad has you beat. DogeBonk is the first crypto in space. Ain’t too late to join us though, truce?

Seemingly, looking at the community’s reactions and comments towards Musk, it shows that they are happy teasing him on the defeat. Notably, the developers pilot Dogebonk in space using a stratospheric weather balloon.

It lasted in space for hours accompanied by an onboard camera that filmed Dogebonk’s banner “bonking” Dogecoin symbol with Elon Musk weeping. In their preparation for the project, the community advertised Dogebonk strongly in war with memecoins like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Floki Inu (FLOKI).

According to the Dogebonk developers, they did lots of adverts but as Floki’s adverts got so many complaints, approval was impossible for them. Interestingly, 2022 is not yet here, but it seems that the year will be full of fun. 

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