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Will Zilliqa Price Surge of 100% Following Its Foray Into Metaverse?



The crypto town is now elated as the business recovers from the burdening market trends. With the market showing signs of departure from the gloom, numerous projects have been surfacing on public platforms. The year has seen a drastic shift in interests of folks from the industry. With interests now inclined towards digital art, NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse.

We can expect the industry to carry forward the trend to 2022, as numerous projects have been making transits to NFTs and metaverse. Successively, Zilliqa has made announcements of its venture into the metaverse, with its extended reality platform Metapolis. The protocol is also witnessing steady impetus coming in from utilitarian grounds.

Zilliqa To Flip Tables For Metaverse?  

Zilliqa has made announcements that it will be launching its extended reality platform “Metapolis” in January of 2022. Metapolis is designed as a blend of AR and VR that will make use of several engagements layers including NFTs, e-commerce, Play-to-Earn, and more. 

With Metapolis users can build, create, discuss, earn, entertain, interact, learn, party, play, purchase, sell, share, socialize, trade, transact, and win. As shared by an editor of Zilliqa. The Metapolis constitutes multiple cities that include Domes, which can be populated and allowed teleportation to and from. 

Consecutively, each dome can be designed and personalized, to bring the vision of users to reality in the metaverse. The team further illustrates that, from P2E models to virtual experiences, brands and individuals are able to build and belong to the space.

Zilliqa’s Growing Catalysts?  

The Zilliqa network has been witnessing steady growth in adoption with numerous projects adopting the protocol. The projects include the XCAD network and Lunr Token. XCAD network is a platform that harnesses the value of content creators, audiences via creator tokenization. Viewers can earn rewards for fan governance. 

The network hosts 40+ content creators, combined with 130 M YouTubers and 12.5 M Twitter followers. The protocol would see vital ecosystem components rolling out like the DEX and XCAD plugin. On the other hand, Carbon announces that Zilliqa, ZRC-2 SWTH has landed on the platform. The introduction of SWTH to the Zilliqa ecosystem would benefit the applications.

Collectively, Zilliqa has been evolving as a potential candidate with its growing utility. And its venture into the emerging sector of Metaverse. Hopefully, the network embarks on a bullish leg-up with the start of a new year, taking the price to ATH levels of $0.25 which is being anticipated savvies

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