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Will Zilliqa (ZIL) Be The Ethereum Of Metaverse By The First Quarter of 2022?



The world of cryptos has been welcoming a spur in protocol’s with escalating prominence. The booming sectors of metaverse, NFTs, and gaming have paved the way for an influx in traffic to a myriad of protocols. The sprawling protocols have been scripting astounding metrics, whilst influencing other protocols to join the league.

Zilliqa is one such platform which has taken public platforms by storm. The protocol has been the talk of the space, ever since its announcement of Metapolis, which was covered by CoinPedia.

In one of the latest updates, Zilliqa sees a heavy downfall in circulating supply with an influx of long-term investors. On the other hand, Zilliqa welcomes the behemoth creator with 17.5 Million subscribers entering the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Will Zilliqa’s Utility Sack Outnumber Those Of Bluechip Coins?

Zilliqa’s extended reality platform Metapolis, which is poised to make its entry in 2022, has taken crypto space by storm. Metapolis has been enticing big money contenders as well as retailers in the town. The metaverse project has been receiving phenomenal response despite being in the first phase of introduction. 

On the other hand, DeMons, a metaverse of decentralized monsters, hosts an exclusive collectible yield earning NFT series on Zilliqa. The DeMons are stored as ZRC-2 tokens.

Okimoto, which claims to be the home of NFTs on Zilliqa, will be giving away 10 x 100 OKI tokens to holders of ZIL for staking. The winners of the contest will be rewarded on the 27th of December at 18:00 CET. 

The circulating supply of Zilliqa has been decreasing heavily in the past weeks, as the protocol is witnessing an influx of long term investors. Lunr token has hit another milestone with 300,000 total Lunr transactions in just 67-days. The project has recorded over 18k transactions in the last 24-hours. Lunr has accounted for about 30% of all transactions on the Zilliqa network.

Moreover, Carbswap a DEX on Zilliqa rewards GRPH for swapping ZIL for CARB. Everytrade on Carbswap earns GRPH reward. PDK Films, a firm with over 17.5 Million subscribers will be issuing their own fan token on XCAD. PDK Films will be the biggest creator entering the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Collectively, Zilliqa has been emerging as a potential contender ahead of the alt season. The influx in traffic is optimistic news for the community. Metapolis going live could possibly turntables for Zilliqa, taking it miles ahead of its ATH. Hopefully, Zilliqa makes it to the top performers in projects catering to the metaverse sector, as 2022 is expected to be pivotal year for the industry.

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