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Dogecoin Creator Makes Fun of “Web3 People” Once Again



Dogecoin creator once again criticizes Web3, but this time without Elon Musk.

Dogecoin developer Billy Markus has once again called out the Web3 community in his most recent tweet, suggesting that Web3 users just want money without exchanging it for goods and services.

The Dogecoin developer’s story with the Web3 industry, in general, started after Elon Musk tweeted, making fun of “Web3 people” that seem annoying to him. The initial tweet inspired double-barreled hostility from both Markus and Musk toward Web3.

Previously, Elon Musk asked his subscriber if anyone had seen Web3 anywhere, suggesting that the industry had slowed down and the hype around it is slowly passing.

A few hours later, Markus reacted to the “looking for Web3” tweet suggesting that it is somewhere low and undesirable after posting a GIF of a person looking into a toilet.

Why are Musk and Markus attacking Web3?

While it is not clear why the Dogecoin creators joined the hate train toward Web3, both of them could be considered crypto influencers on Twitter who tend to support each other’s tweets and opinions in general.

Musk has previously stated that Dogecoin is fundamentally better than anything he has ever seen in the crypto industry. The main reasons behind such a statement were Dogecoin’s fees and speed—which allows for a greater number of transactions for a lower cost than Bitcoin.

Web3 brings the principle of decentralization to the web, where users of the internet will be the only owners of their data. The concept become possible with the further development of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

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