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Cardano Plunges Into Metaverse, Premiers Project Pavia



  • Cardano’s project Pavia is currently premiering now on Cardano network, some months after it landed features regarding smart contracts on blockchain.
  • Pavia is a VR game where players are enabled to monetize their in-game integrations as well as creations. Pavia can create avatars supported on 700 applications.
  • As of this writing, Cardano’s ADA was down by 2.97% in previous 24 hours, trading at $1.36.

Virtual World Pavia

A fresh entrant in metaverse, Cardano released its digital world, Pavia. Cardano blockchain is named after Jerome Cardano, and new virtual world is titled after his birthplace of same name in Italy, aiming to make history.

Latest announcement put Cardano’s ADA on an escalator with new P2E virtual reality game prospects.

Platform dropped 31,000 land parcels on 17th January, offering benefits to landowners from PAVIA airdrop, in-game currency of metaverse.


What is Pavia?

Pavia is a VR game where players’ in-game integrations and creations can be monetized by them. Joining hands with cross-game avatar platform,, game will enable players to make avatars supported by 700 apps.

Pavia is still in its initial phase, current landowners can not deploy anything on land as of now. But they got an advantage from airdrop containing a quarter of total supply in December.

Can US Citizens Purchase Land Here?

A spanner in works of Cardano backers is because of specific rules and probable dangers UK, US citizens are abstained from land purchase.

Completing second stage of its land sales and triumphant selling out, can Pavia surface as same value in promise similar to contender, the Sandbox? Or its players are looking for a turnaround. 

Is PAVIA Restricted to Landowners?

While some individuals are not lucky enough for sales of land, granting airdrop, they still can acquire PAVIA via MuesliSwap.

Source: MuesliSwap

In order to buy PAVIA, users must install a browser extension for ADA Wallet and connect it, load it, connect it to MuesliSwap. 

As soon as the mentioned procedure is completed, users can bag PAVIA.

Mass Gathering of Community by Cardano

Cardano recapitulated on official website that PAVIA is in its initial phases, and will rely on community support very much, pointing out that project has more to do before letting users in, into metaverse.

As of now, project’s major focus is on interoperability across many chains. Users are prohibited from buying tokens or to generate PAVIA avatars.

Contrary to in-game avatars, Pavia allows users, an option to submit their pictures, so similar functions are developed by avatars. 

No matter what it is, Adidas or blockchain, one thing is for sure, metaverse follows the ‘big bang.’

PAVIA is just another metaverse to enter in digital space, and holds potential to grow as soon as it becomes operational, and landowners will be able to deploy things associated with this world.

As this article was being written, Cardano’s indigenous coin ADA was trending at a market price of $1.36, down by 2.97% in past 24 hours.

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