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Elon Musk finds Twitter’s latest feature annoying



  • Elon Musk tweeted, criticizing Twitter’s latest NFT Profile Pictures(PPFs) feature.
  • These criticisms might be valid as scammers often impersonate prominent personalities to demolish their image and steal funds.
  • He finds it annoying, conveys Elon Musk through his Twitter account.

The latest feature of Twitter to put Non-fungible Tokens(NFTs) as profile pictures recently faced criticism by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, on Friday.

He posted a screenshot of the latest feature and then lashed out at Twitter for not paying attention to the spam activities on the social media site and spending engineering resources on NFTs integration.

He found it Annoying:

What exactly is this feature:

Twitter very recently launched its feature of NFT Profile Pictures (PFPs) for users. In Fact, some users have already started to use this feature. The profile pictures are in a hexagonal shape with avatars that display NFT images. Twitter also shows that the NFTs are from the verified collection of OpenSea marketplace.

The feature is currently available for users of the company’s Twitter Blue subscription service and is on iOS. This service connects the user’s Twitter account to their crypto wallets, where they store holdings of NFTs. 

It’s pretty clear that Twitter does not want to be behind in the race when other Tech companies continuously indulge in crypto trends like NFTs. Last year it added a function to facilitate the users to send and receive Bitcoin. 

Elon Musk’s reason to criticize the feature of integrating NFT profile pictures may be valid because the scammers often try to refute the image of renowned personalities like Elon Musk. Fake accounts often impersonate the Tesla CEO or any other personality to promote crypto giveaway schemes. And in 2020, one such scammer was able to steal $2 million from unaware victims. 

A similar incident occurred when an impersonator stole $1 million worth of Bitcoin from an individual, the scammer impersonated MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. 

Although these scams are not only limited to Twitter, the fraudsters often attempt these scams on government websites and social media platforms like Youtube. 

As we know, the opinions of different entities often don’t match, and they express their views through social media. Maybe these criticisms are valid, or maybe this Tweet about NFT Profile Pictures is just another attempt to manipulate the market. It is to look forward to how much heat or support the tweet attracts. 

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