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MOBOX Price Analysis: Will MBOX Price Regain Its Glory For $20?



  • MOBOX coin price is currently seeing a downtrend and can soon see a strong momentum. In contrast the asset is down by more than 18%.
  • Technical indicators of MBOX suggest a strong consolidated trend in price for upcoming days. Meanwhile, MBOX/BTC has seen a loss of more than 10% in the intraday session.

Why To Invest In MBOX Coin?

MBOX coin price is currently seeing a strong downside trend and can soon see a new low in the future. MBOX asset price has seen a dip of more than 16% in the intraday session and is currently trading near the value of $2.6.MOBOX platform combines the best of yield farming Defi with Gaming NFTs creating a truly free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem for their users. They utilize the  Binance Smart Chain, MOBOX shows true NFT interoperability by combining cross-chain and cross-platform functionality for NFTs.

MBOX has a very less ROI and can soon see a strong uptrend in the future. One can invest in the MOBOX as per their needs and risk capacity.

MOBOX is currently ranked 264th in the CMC and has a dominance of less than 0.01%. The volume of the coin has seen a drop of more than 3%. The volume to market cap ratio of the MBOX suggests a downside trend for the future. 

Technical Indicators Of MBOX Coin Price Are Currently Favoring The Bears

Source: Trading view

The weekly technical chart of the MBOX coin price suggests a consolidated trend in the price for the future. On coming to the daily chart, the asset is seeing a downside trend. The upside momentum of MOBOX may see a setback near $4. If the asset price falls then a bounceback near $2 can be observed. The asset is currently trading below the 50 and 100 Daily Moving Average. The 100 DMA  of the coin is currently near $4.7 and can soon see a temporary bounceback region for the price.

MACD(Bearish): MACD of the MOBOX is currently in a downside trend and can soon see a negative move in the future. The overall sentiment of the MACD suggests a downside trend for the future.


MOBOX is currently in a downward trend chart and can soon next high in the future. MBOX/BTC pair can also see a strong dip in the future. One should do their due diligence before investing in the MBOX.

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