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Web 3.0

WEB 3.0: The Technological Revolution Of The Internet



CoinQuora is proud to announce the Web 3.0 conference in partnership with Tech Circus.

This online event will take place from 26th-27th January with 50 + of the world’s leading Web 3.0 innovators, building the future of the decentralized web. Over two days, we will explore the new technologies enabling the Web 3.0 revolution, to understand the philosophical and societal impact in the world around us.

On Track one of the event, Web 3.0 speakers like Vanessa Grellet (Coinfund), Dominic Williams (Founder of Dfinity) and Dr. Ben Goertzel (Founder of SingularityNet) will examine the technologies behind the Web 3.0 transformation and the core components of a decentralized web. With such talks as ‘High-Level Architecture – Monetising data, computer data and privacy’, ‘AI’s Critical Role in Ensuring Web3 Usability’ and ‘From Web 2.5 to Web 3: Crossing The Final Frontier.’

On Track two, speakers like Jennifer Zhu Scott (Executive Chairman of the Commons project), Genevieve Leveille (Founder of Agriledger), and Carlos Garcia-Galan (NASA) will reflect on the impact of Web 3.0 is having on the economy, the individual, and the 21st-century global community. With such talks as ‘NASA Artemis Program – returning to the Moon on the way to Mars’, ‘The new Monetary System – AI and Bitcoin – economic infrastructure’ and ‘Web 3.0 for the Creator Economy’.

Overall Web 3.0 conference will act as a launch point for bringing Web 2.0 to a more transparent, efficient, and connected internet for everyone, empowering people and organizations alike.

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