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Harmony Price Analysis: ONE Coin in the Crucial Make or Break Zone



  • One Coin price is consolidating in the crucial support zone, retesting the support zone as it’s the second time in the same zone.
  • The crypto asset is trading below all 20, 50, 100 and 200-days DMA, will bulls be able to provide the needed support or One coin breaks through it.
  • The pair of ONE/BTC is trading at 0.000004736 BTC with an intraday drop of 2.26%, whereas the ONE/ETH pair is CMP at 0.00006593 ETH with a 24-hour negative change of 2.27%.

The ONE coin price is trading with sideways momentum at the crucial support zone. The bulls need to come for the rescue of the coin as it retests the support zone. ONE coin is presently CMP at $0.175 and is trying to get the desired support at the demand zone. The 24-hour trading volume needs to grow up from 0.52%. The volume is currently below the average and needs to recover upto the average. The investors need to wait until any directional change on the chart. However, the bulls are on the move and trying for the support at the demand zone.    

Source: ONE/USD by TradingView

The ONE coin price is in sideways momentum over the daily chart. ONE coin Price is trading in a make or break situation. If the token fails to retest the crucial support zone near $0.16 then a bearish rally could be seen. Otherwise, if the coin manages to get the support at $0.16 just the opposite may happen. Traders may see a bullish rally after this consolidation phase. Investors need to wait until any directional change.

Who leads the game Bulls or Bears?

Source: ONE/USD by TradingView

One coin value over the daily chart shows that the coin is currently trading in favour of bulls. ONE coin tests the demand zone and is now showing the signs of being bullish. However, the Bollinger band shows that ONE coin may test the support upto $0.10 as the lower band indicates. Investors need to wait for now to get any sign from the Bollinger band.

RSI forecasts neutrality for the coin. RSI is at 33.82 mark and at any moment RSI may forecast any directional change of the coin. Meanwhile, MACD showcases the coin’s sideways momentum and the MACD line is approaching towards the signal line for a positive crossover. 

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