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Siacoin Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions



Decentralized storage is the name of the game in the market – keep this fact at the top of your mind as you read this Siacoin price prediction. Whether you are bullish on the market or not, the prospects on Siacoin have consistently dwarfed more than half the market. 

Sia coin price is currently prolonged, holding back the growth. If an earlier SIA price prediction goes off as planned, the sky is the limit for this digital ecosystem. Siacoin is just starting to show its true potential. Is Siacoin a good investment? Let’s find out. 

Siacoin Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of writing this Siacoin price prediction, the SIA coin price was trading at $0.00999, according to CoinMarketCap. The market cap of the Siacoin network at the current price is more than $499 million, fully diluted to $500 million. 

Siacoin is the native token to the SIA network, a decentralized network for cloud storage. This platform is where innovation for the next generation of internet companies is taking place, and that’s why investors are bullish. 

The growth of Siacoin is driven more by utility than day-to-day trading of the token on the market. Developers are building on SIA as a medium for storage. The main point here is Siacoin is a good investment for long-term investors who aspires to become the dominant force in space. 

Siacoin Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Looking at the recent SIA coin price action, we can put our prediction into context. Siacoin token has traded wildly in the past year, and for a good reason. Of course, investors are disappointed, but a bullish interpretation shows the current situation could be good news. 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
December 2021$0.02342$0.01533$0.02432
November 2021$0.02045$0.02342$0.02957
October 2021$0.01459$0.02045$0.02397
September 2021$0.01974$0.01459$0.02748
August 2021$0.01498$0.01974$0.02369
July 2021$0.01331$0.01498$0.01541
June 2021$0.01788$0.01331$0.02042

Siacoin presents a good trading opportunity after a recent crash in December 2021. The downswing has knocked SC into a crucial support level that could serve as a platform for a change in direction. 

This price action has seen a considerable descent from its all-time high of $0.11 in late 2017 and the high of 2021 at $0.0628. The resulting pullback has stabilized around the $0.016 support zone over the past month, and the flash crash in January 2022 has bounced off this barrier. 

Interestingly, the demand zone, extending $0.00839 to 0.0276, coincides with the support above the barrier. Therefore, Siacoin investors can open a long position for SC to retest $0.02219 and expect the SIA coin price to trigger a 25% run-up to $0.0415. 

If the bulls go on a stampede, SC could slice through the said resistance level and make their way to $0.0629, representing a 42% ascent from the demand zone. Siacoin holders will go for profit-taking at the level.

Siacoin Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Sia Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

In a highly bullish SIA price prediction scenario, the SC token price will climb higher to sweep the buy-stop liquidity resting above $0.0629. This price action could set the stage for an advance to flip resistance into support.

Siacoin Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

This bullish Siacoin price prediction thesis faces invalidation if the selling pressure pushes SC to produce a daily close below $0.00344. Such a development will set a lower low, hinting at a potential shift in the trend that favors the bears, 

Investors can place their stop losses at this level to avoid losing out since Siacoin is treading dangerously close to its lowest price. Unfortunately, this situation could worsen, crashing SIA prices to the immediate support level at $0.00043. 

Siacoin Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

Prices have dropped 10% in the trading, and there is the worry that the coin is burning investments at an unsustainable rate at this point. The concerns are valid, given the roller coaster ride investors have been forced to ride, further pitching a bearish SIA price prediction. 

However, some investors find a reason to accumulate more coins at the current SIA coin price. Since the SC token is hovering just above the historical support zone, a buy order here is unlikely to be diluted by price swings. Here are some popular SC price predictions from the best cryptocurrency price prediction sites. 

Siacoin Price Forecast for January – February


TradingBeast eyes $0.01433 by February; supporting the idea, Siacoin is trading around a buying opportunity. This Siacoin price forecast for January – February effectively eyes liquidity resting above the previous swing high to muster the momentum needed to trigger a leg up.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast eyes a bounce off the support level in February, indicating the essential nature of the current SIA coin price. According to this Siacoin price forecast for January – February, SC price is running on fumes and likely to find relief above $0.011. 

Siacoin Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor eyes significant SIA coin price gains in 2022 despite the looming death cross. The forecast targets $0.02 for its Siacoin price forecast for the rest of the year from a daily-candlestick perspective, which points to a looming retest of crucial hurdles within the year.


DigitalCoin Siacoin price forecast for the rest of the year eyes an attempt to advance from the support floor for a vital resistance level. Of course, a breakdown of the current foothold could result in a massive downswing, but this forecast is bullishly suggesting SC token is headed for $0.013 in 2022. 

Siacoin Price Forecast for the Next Year


Gov.Capital eyes a bullish reversal that will capitalize on the strength of the current support level. This Siacoin price forecast for the next year suggests SIA coin price will likely catalyze a massive run-up to $0.022 within a year.


PricePrediction proposes Siacoin is presenting a bullish buy opportunity as SC trades around a support floor in its Siacoin price forecast for the following year. A bounce-off for support around $0.019 to $0.020 could provide the perfect platform for a test of $0.024. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

Bylerzone suggests Siacoin could be due for an explosive 2022 that could see the coin test $0.55 for the first time. According to this forecast, the SC token has dipped to support that could catapult for a much-needed uptrend. 

Dbmbro eyes profit-taking at $0.60, arguing Siacoin is in a perfect position to kick-start a massive uptrend as it collected the sell-stop liquidity resting below the current trading zone. Recovery will likely catalyze a move higher. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Siacoin

Nebulous, the company building the Sia network recently completed a $3 million funding round that saw significant venture capital firms jump on the SIA bandwagon. These funds are being used to help the company scale and accelerate the decentralized cloud storage platform development. 

Sia followed up the successful funding round with the release of v1.5.4 and the incorporation of the Sia foundation, which will push forward the agenda to develop and promote the cloud storage service.


Is Siacoin a Good Investment?

Yes. Siacoin has earned plaudits for its successful pivot in cloud storage and is currently a solid buy, according to industry experts. The growth of the network was led by the demand for a decentralized cloud storage service. 

Where Can I Buy Siacoin?

Siacoin is traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, OKex, HitBTC, Huobi, Poloniex, Kraken, Upbit, Bittrex, and more. 

How to Buy Siacoin?

You can buy Siacoin by creating an account on any major cryptocurrency exchange and funding your account to buy the token. 

Siacoin Price Prediction: Verdict

In a nutshell, Siacoin is richly valued, even when the bears have banged their drums in the face of skyrocketing prices. Is Siacoin a good investment? Yes. This Siacoin price prediction determines the coin enjoys premium valuation since it’s still a solid long-term investment. 

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