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What is with all the hype around WalMeta? 



With the increased popularity that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have received throughout the previous few years, we have also seen a glimpse into the future of the Metaverse. 

NFTs initially gained popularity because they showcased the power of digital artworks, but over time, they became tokens that can be used within the Metaverse that bring a high level of utility. 

From NFT wearables to weapons that can be used within games and even in-metaverse items, which can enable the user to do various things within the virtual world, they will only keep on growing as time goes on.

Walmeta is the latest addition to the Metaverse sphere, which has the potential to truly revolutionize it; let’s dive in.

What is Walmeta?

Walmeta is a platform that offers a virtual shopping experience within the Metaverse and enables the process of purchasing digital assets (NFTs) where users will be able to pay low gas fees and conduct transactions securely.

Additionally, Play-to-Earn tokens and rewards can be gained through the Walmeta GameFi application ecosystem.

What is the use case or utility of Walmeta?

Walmeta is intended to be a platform that provides its users with a solid shopping experience in regards to buying Metaverse and GameFi related non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

The project’s goal is to integrate GameFi decentralized applications (dApps) to let users earn rewards in the form of the native token, WALMETA, through simply engaging in various activities within the Walmeta metaverse. 

Furthermore, owners of the NFTs sold through Walmeta can resell them, and the original creator will keep earning a royalty fee across all secondary sales. In terms of the fees, Walmeta charges a flat service fee of 1.5% on every sale from the buyer. Sellers do not pay any service fees.

When someone wants to sell an NFT, they need to select the “List for Sale” option and indicate the start and end time of the auction and the minimal and instant-sale prices.

Why can Walmeta 10x?

The main reason why WALMETA can be the next 10x project is due to the fact that it aims to integrate and improve upon the everyday life of its users. Just as someone would go to the gym daily or go to the grocery store daily, they would visit the Walmeta metaverse to see the various activities planned throughout the day or just browse the NFT marketplace.

What is the hype around Walmeta?

The hype around Walmeta is due to the fact that it aims to reinvent the way we think about buying NFTs and Metaverse-related tokens by placing us directly within a Metaverse centered around letting users earn tokens and use them to buy limited NFTs. Instead of just browsing a simple web-based app, users would essentially enter an entire Metaverse built around this idea. The launch of the marketplace is set for Q3 of 2022, with many features to be added on a rolling basis.

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