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CZ, Saylor Tweet “Freedom” as Canada Threatens Democracy



  • Crypto veterans rallied for Bitcoin against Canada’s Emergency Act on Truckers.
  • Binance CEO tweets that Bitcoin cannot be stopped.
  • Michael Saylor also calls out those opposing Bitcoin.

The political events of the past weeks have shaken all corners of the world, which extended to the cryptocurrency market following Canada‘s attempt to freeze bitcoin wallets of protesters. Analysts are openly expressing their displeasure and in turn tweeting that Bitcoin cannot be stopped.  

Bitcoin has been at the center of several discussions following the political turn of events that resulted in a bear run. While the Canadian government is working hard to clamp down on the protesting truckers’ finances, some crypto analysts have raised concerns over the situation.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attempt to free the Bitcoin wallets of these truckers has become a topic amongst the crypto elites. One of such people include Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) who tweeted that “Bitcoin is borderless.”

Michael Saylor also expressed his agreement with CZ through a tweet. At the time of writing, his tweet garnered over 12k likes and 1,067 retweets.

Meanwhile, another crypto enthusiast and critic by name Nic Carter called out those fixated by the Russia-Ukraine tension but “ignoring Canada visiting financial warfare on its own citizens”. Many are bemused by the recent happenings in Canada as more people are speaking out and calling their actions on the truckers “undemocratic.”

As it stands, the government may summon centralized exchanges to reveal details of the protesters.  

At press time, BTC is down 6.10% and currently trades below $40k, according to CoinMarketCap.

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