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Metaverse Farsite announces alpha for June



The Farsite metaverse game development team announced that the alpha version will be released in June.

In December 2021, the Farsite team released their pre-alpha, allowing players who owned sectors and the ability to start producing resources.

Then, over the next few months, they added player flights between systems, cargo transport, factories, advanced resource production, an in-game market, and component building.

Now with several additional features ready to go, Farsite is gearing up for its official alpha release on June 21, 2022.

According to the team, players with blueprints, resources and factories can start creating ships and modules for the ships.

Also, with the alpha release comes an important credit collector – FTL travel fees. Passing through the FTL gates will no longer be free. Instead, riders must pay a fee in credits to pass.

To help players navigate various star systems, the game will also include an FTL route planner, allowing players to pre-set their course of flight.

Also, there will be a change in cargo capacity as storage is no longer unlimited, forcing players to make decisions with cargo transport and resource accumulation.

Given the complexity of such a space simulator, the Farsite team also plans to introduce tutorials, known as Pilot’s Academy, to help new players understand the game.

According to the team, in the alpha will not have the free-to-play version. That is, interested parties must buy an NFT to participate in the game.

What is Farsite?

Often compared to Eve Online, Farsite is a space-themed blockchain-based MMO game with a complex virtual economy.

In it, players own ships and sectors, build facilities to collect and process resources, create parts, components and even starships. Thus, players own and produce all items in the game.

Building items requires a blueprint, components, a base on a planet, and credits to pay for services. Resource production varies from planet to planet and even across plots of the same planet.

Players take on various roles as part of a galactic community. They can be, for example, carriers, concluding contracts to transport goods between stations. They can also be miners, collecting resources from asteroids, or manufacturers, creating components, modules, and starships.

The Farsite universe offers space for rule over the stars, as well as space for mercenaries, pirates, politicians and, of course, merchants.

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