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Top 3 Solana Projects the whole world will soon be talking about



A year ago Solana already was approaching A-Lists of people, who were interested in crypto. Even then it already carried the “Ethereum Killer” title for a reason – the number of Solana projects was growing by the minute.

So, when, if not now, is the time to choose an interesting project and invest in it, right? Of course, it is not going to be the easy pick, as there truly are many decent projects on Solana, which are eventually going to grow exponentially. We picked 3 top-notch ones we will briefly introduce to you.


This is a noncustodial decentralized crypto exchange (DEX). Its core benefits and one of the main reasons for it being popular – high transaction speed and low fees. Both teams of the FTX exchange and a trading platform called Alameda Research are involved in the development of the project. Serum DEX works on the Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) and supports cross-chain asset exchange. The management of the project basically lies in the hands of the users. For that, the developers launched the management token called Serum SRM.

The technical aspects of the DEX help combat such problems of the DeFi market as liquidity segmentation and low efficiency of the capital.

$SRM token is the management token of the Serum protocol. It was initially developed as an SPL token in the Solana network although having an ERC-20 version on the Ethereum blockchain.

The maximum volume of $SRM is around 10 billion tokens, approximately 10% of which were in сirculation at launch. The supply of $SRM in circulation will increase by 15% every year. Apart from that, 90% of all SRM tokens are devoted to long-term blockage or retention to ensure the longevity of the Serum project.

As of 05/07/2022, the token’s price is $1.7, but the leading experts in the industry predict growth of at least 200% till the end of the year.


NFT Staking, referral system, mystery boxes – all of that describes the new NFT platform called Artozo. It has just recently been launched on the Solana blockchain, but already sparked the interest of many users.

The main thing about Artozo, which got in the public eye, is the referral system. If put simply, you invite a friend to the platform and earn a % of his/her transactions and activity. Also, friends, whom your friend invites in turn, will automatically become your referrals. That applies up to line 10 – friends of friends of friends….

Buying/Selling NFTs as well as all the rewards on Artozo are made in its native cryptocurrency – ARTZ, which already can be seen on the Solana blockchain. At the moment the token’s price is $0.005. However, after the DEX listing, it will at least double to reach $0.01. The forecasts say that the token will grow slowly, but surely at least 20% MoM.

The Artozo Presale stage has started, which allows buying the ARTZ tokens. For that, you will need to buy an NFT key – a unique digital token of the platform – at the fixed price of $50. After the purchase, you will immediately get an allocation of $50 to your account, which you can use to buy the ARTZ token. Every invited friend, who bought the key, will allow for another such opportunity worth $50.

Moreover, you get a % for each transaction of your referrals. That is, if 5 friends of yours will buy an NFT key, you will get $100 in ARTZ tokens. At the moment this is the most promising Solana project out there.


Perhaps, this project has made the most buzz during the last month. It pays users for walking and running.

To start earning, you need to buy the NFT sneakers right in the app. Their price and stats directly influence the yield, with the cheapest NFTs being offered at 12-13 SOL ($1100-1200).

After purchasing the sneakers, you can start walking/running and earning money, as the app tracks your movement using the GPS. For every stroll, you will get GST – a platform’s token. The speed and quantity of earning tokens depend on the level, quality, degree of wear, and other attributes of the NFT sneakers – all of this you will easily see in the app thanks to the convenient UI even a child could understand.

If you ask about the earnings in numbers, then it is pretty decent although dependent on the token’s price. On average, after spending a few days and upgrading the sneakers level to at least 5, you will be able to earn 7-8 GST per day (15-minute stroll). At the moment, the token’s price fluctuates around the $6 mark, so your daily earnings could equate to around $50. Not bad, right? And we are only talking about the cheapest pairs of sneakers. By upgrading those more and more, you could achieve an even bigger yield.

There is also a cool feature, which allows you to mint the third sneaker in a pair. For that, you will need to buy 2 regular sneakers, pay for the mint using the crypto (costs around $1000), and get the 3rd one. Additionally, you will get twice as much energy to use for daily walks, which consequently lets you earn x2.

There are 2 types of STEPN people: ones that earn by walking and others that earn by minting. The question is – which one is you? In any case, this app is worth your attention.

As you see, there are genuinely decent and interesting projects on Solana, ranging from the NFT platforms to Move-to-Earn initiatives. That’s only the beginning. Solana is one of the quickest networks in the world growing by the minute. While you are thinking, thousands of new users invest in projects on this blockchain. Act now!

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