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STEPN Price Prediction 2022: Will The GMT Price Skyrocket To $10?



The cryptosphere has been generous to sprouting projects in the industry. A number of which cater to diverse sectors of the industry. One such project is STEPN, which has taken the business by storm, with its unique approach. STEPN is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application, which holds elements of socialFi and gameFi. 

The protocol has lured in a number of investors with its reward policies. Amidst the turbulence in the business, STEPN’s GMT has been one of the handful tokens to have portrayed euphoric price runs. Are you one of the many, who have been considering GMT for investments? Look no further, as this write-up will cover the feasible price predictions for 2022 and the years to come. 


USD Price$1.43
Market Cap $858,011,920
Circulating Supply $600,000,000 GMT
Trading Volume $1,021,045,532
All-time high$4.11 (April 28, 2022)
All-time low$0.1003 (March 11, 2022)

STEPN (GMT) Price Prediction For 2022

Potential LowAverage PricePotential High

  After the success of STEPN’s IDO in the month of March. The price of its native token GMT was seen trading at $0.0193, on the 9th of March. STEPN being a new project, welcomed a host of new investors. Who helped push the price by an astounding 49,512.19% to $3.1499 by the 1st of April. Post which, the digital asset corrected itself to levels around $2.132 over the next week. 

Following this, the digital token climbed to $3.853 by the 19th of April. After a pullback to $3.12 by the 21st of April. GMT’s price escalated to its ATH of $4.11 on the 28th of April. The RSI breaching well above the overbought regions called for a plunge. Which took the price to $0.88, on the 12th of May. The crypto asset is presently sticking closer to its support levels of $1.427

STEPN’s (GMT) Price Prediction For Q2

  Going forward in the quarter, if GMT’s price manages to construct greener candles. Further seeking impetus from buyers, the price might close the quarter at a maximum of $2.158. On the downside, continuity in the dominance of the bears might clutch the price down to $1.154. That said, a balance in buying and selling pressures could land the price at $1.819

Forecast Of GMT For Q3

  The successful integrations of upgrades from the previous quarter. Such as In-app wallet upgrades, multi-chain wallet upgrades, and multi-chain marketplace upgrades, could yield positive results over time. Moreover, the poised developments of the third quarter such as the achievement system, quest system, and rental system could turn imperative for STEPN. 

Wherefore, the price of GMT could surge to its potential high of $2.901. Conversely, failing to commit to its initiatives, the price might drop to $2.38. Constrained by the linear momentum, the average price might settle at $2.067

Prediction Of STEPN For Q4

  The optimism and positivity of the fourth quarter, supplemented by community-building initiatives. Such as online marathons, and community events could boost the price to $4.248. In contrast, failing to pick up steam, the altcoin might take a dip to $2.714. Considering the bullish and bearish targets, the average price might land at $3.51

Price Forecast For 2023

  If the makers of the protocol employ community driving initiatives and incentives. The price could clinch a maximum of $9.949 by 2023. However, prolonged dominance of bears could plummet the price to $3.87

Price Prediction Of GMT For 2024

  On a positive note, the project might attract notable adoptions, collaborations, and big money investments, wherefore, the price could rocket to $21.212. Howbeit, a possible financial crisis or regulatory clampdowns might drop the price to $9.446

Price Trajectory For 2025

  By the end of 2025, the industry could thrive in the fields of Web 3.0 and NFTs. The results of which could reflect on STEPN, in such a case, the price might drive to its potential high of $44.376. On the flip side, emerging rivals and ebbing stance might knock the price down to $18.317

YearPotential LowPotential High

What Does The Market Say?

Wallet Investor:

  As per the prediction of Wallet Investor, the price of GMT might take an ascend as high as $10.204 in 2022. Whilst a reversal in trend could plunge the price to a minimum of $8.074. An equilibrium in buying and selling pressures might land the price at $9.123. The forecast has pinned the maximum closing targets for 2023 and 2025 at $22.092 and $46.217 respectively. 

Gov. Capital:

  According to Gov. Capital, GMT might close its trade for 2022, with a maximum price tag of $10.745. The analysts from the firm have pinned the minimum and average price targets for the year at $7.945 and $9.344. The forecast expects GMT to soar as high as $36.873 by the end of 2025. 

Digital Coin Price:

  Digital Coin Price anticipates the altcoin to hit its potential high of $1.97 by the end of 2022. The company also hosts the predictions for the long term. GMT’s price is expected to climb up to $2.22 by the end of 2023, and $2.97 by the end of 2025. 

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What Is STEPN (GMT)?

  In an ocean of crypto assets, STEPN distinguishes itself as a Web 3.0 lifestyle application. Which holds elements of socialFi, and gameFi. The protocol is the first NFT project, which employs the “Move-to-earn” concept. STEPN enables users to buy NFT sneakers, through which, the users can earn currencies, whilst walking, jogging, or running.

The project focuses on revolutionizing the industry with its presence in fitness. While also helping users to monetize, whilst leading a healthy lifestyle. STEPN also counters problems like “Proof-of-Movement”. In the month of March 2022, the project had released its governance token GMT, which stands for “Greener Metaverse Token”. 

The native token is on Solana and allows holders to propose and vote on developments and the distribution of treasury. 

Fundamental Analysis

STEPN was founded in the month of August of 2021, by Australian entrepreneurs Yawn Rong, and Jerry Huang. Mr Yawn holds expertise in blockchain and had previously founded Crypto SA. Which is a crypto fund and pro-regulation auditor. He has served as a representative of the South Australian Blockchain Association. And also as an ambassador for Algorand.

On the other hand, co-founder Jerry is a game developer and founder of Falafel Games. The project has raised around $5 M in a seed round from venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital, Folius Ventures, and Solana Capital, amongst others. STEPN employs the dual-token thesis, whilst GST is the utility token, GMT is the governance token.

The utility token boasts an unlimited supply and is rewarded to users for movement. It also has burn mechanisms to counter inflation. Conversely, GMT is rewarded after the users have levelled up their sneakers to level 30. There are a total of 6 billion GMT in supply, it is learned that GMT would be halved once in three years. 

Our Price Prediction

  As per Coinpedia’s formulated price prediction of STEPN’s (GMT). Considering the vision of the project and the developments in the pipeline. The altcoin could trade as high as $4.2 by the end of 2022. On the downside, it could face south to $2.7

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