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‘Many People are Migrating to Cardano,’ Says Dan Gambardello



In a talk on cryptocurrencies, founder of Crypto Capital Venture Dan Gambardello remarked positively about Cardano (ADA). He tweeted that he got a controversial question about Bitcoin vs. Cardano valuation. For this, he answered: “Do not underestimate a crypto set out to be a social and financial operating system for the world.” At the end of the tweet, Gambardello wrote “$ADA”, which indicates his support for the coin.

Moreover, Gambardello directly tweeted that he could see many people getting tired of other blockchains, and migrating to Cardano.

In short, he shows his support for ADA, with respect to how general crypto enthusiasts enter the Cardano network. Many Twitter users supported his statement while some opposed Gambardello’s tweet.

A Twitterati asked for proof of his claim. He also said that he is moving his ADA NFT to Elrond soon. On the other hand, another Twitter user said he is “not going back to ETH and the gas wars,” and that Cardano is the future.

Earlier, Gambardello mentioned Cardano as the most sound, secure, and scalable blockchain. He also said that the Cardano blockchain is exploding with many innovations.

Notably, at the time of writing, Cardano has gained a 3.08% upswing, with a trading rate of $0.5414. Like all other cryptocurrencies, ADA also followed trendline support on May 13. Although it went down with slight dips, it has climbed back in the past three days.

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