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Bitcoin Painted Eight Negative Weeks, But It Could Be Market Savior



Bitcoin’s performance in May put the first cryptocurrency in conditions the market has not seen before as it has painted eight consecutive negative weeks. But while some investors are manically dropping their holdings, others believe Bitcoin is slowly becoming oversold and may hit a retracement soon.

Never seen before

Eight consecutive weeks of losses on Bitcoin is something that traders and investors have not seen before, but according to the BTC chart, it results from a massive rally started on Bitcoin back in November 2020.

Bitcoin Chart
Source: Tradingview

Back at the ATH, Bitcoin has shown almost 300% of YTD gain, its price reaching almost $70,000. The run between 2020 and 2021 was the longest bullrun the first cryptocurrency saw in its trading history. The 2020-2021 rally was almost two times longer than the run we saw back in 2017.

Oversold indicator

Daily and intraday timeframes already suggest that Bitcoin has reached the oversold zone as it has been under heavy selling pressure since the beginning of the year, but on the weekly chart, BTC just barely becomes oversold after being heavily overbought back in November.

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