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Quant price analysis: Despite a slight recovery, QNT holders are going to see a bearish weekend



  • In terms of the daily price chart, Quant Token is trading below a declining trend line.
  • Vital EMAs such as 20, 50, 100, and 200 are well above the current price of the QNT token in terms of the daily price chart.
  • The QNT token belonging to the bitcoin pair is up 4.24% in the green zone at 0.002273 satoshis.

Since the beginning of April, the Quant Token price has been performing poorly, with a lower-low and lower-high shape on the daily price chart. During the downturn, purchasers lost over 70% of their investment in just 100 days.

Source: QNT/USDT by Tradingview 

Short-sellers have dominated the QNT token downward, dumping the cryptocurrency along the blue falling trendline in the context of the daily price scale). For the coin’s price to remain below the vertical resistance line, the bulls must deposit above the falling line.

Quant Coin is displaying a positive signal, with the coin’s price gaining 5% to $66 at the time of writing. The QNT token, which corresponds to the bitcoin pair, is also trading in the green zone, up 4.24 % at 0.002273 satoshis.

The immediate resistance level for Quant Coin is $80, while the $50 mark is an excellent example of a support level. However, the daily trading volume indicates a less liquid market, and as a result, the token has dropped by about 10% trading volume over the last night.

20 EMA will be the most recent bullish hurdle

Source: QNT/USDT by Tradingview 

Look above the continued trend of major exponential moving averages such as the QNT’s 20, 50, 100, and 200 on the daily price graph. The 20 EMA has been the initial bullish barrier for consecutive bullish boundaries.

The daily RSI has just recovered from the oversold position and is striving to reach the halfway point (50 points).

Furthermore, the ongoing ADX quant token shows a slight uptrend in price.


The Quant token’s price behavior suggests that it may be positive in the coming weeks. For the coin’s price to remain below the horizontal resistance line, bulls must gather above the falling line.

Support levels – $60 and $50

Resistance level – $92 and $100


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