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Exchange is present at some of the most important crypto events in the country.



May 2022: NovaDAX, one of the largest Brazilian cryptocurrency-related exchanges, participates in the month of May in the most important cryptocurrency events. The company will promote debates on topics that are on the rise in the market and that are relevant to traders, such as compliance, regulation of crypto assets in Brazil, security and the impact of cryptos on the national and global market.

The events provide the public with fundamental knowledge about market strategies and best practices. “The debates are an opportunity to promote the maturation of the cryptocurrency market and promote discussions that strengthen the population’s understanding of the topic”, comments Beibei Liu, CEO of NovaDAX.

4th PLF-FTP Congress

The largest International Congress on Preventing and Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (PLD-FTP) in Latin America is sponsored by NovaDAX. The event, which took place from May 10th to 20th, was attended by representatives of public bodies and national and international experts, to debate the theme with the aim of developing and improving PLD-FTP mechanisms in Brazil and in the world.

The congress focused on integrating the financial market, specialists and professionals working in the area. Among the topics discussed were cryptocurrency regulation; more common practices in electoral periods; outsourcing of PLD-FT services; and impacts of changes in self-regulation.

“With the approval by the Federal Senate of the regulation of crypto-assets in Brazil, the country will be at the forefront of this movement in Latin America, this movement will bring more strength to the sector, with new investments, greater stability and an expected popularization in the use of crypto-assets. Authorization and control measures, added to the potential criminalization of illicit practices, tend to reduce the space for unprofessional players. An event like this is important because we have to remain focused on education and providing information to the population”, says Renata Mancini, President of ABCripto and Head of Compliance and Risk at NovaDAX

The Trading Game 2022

NovaDAX is a sponsor of The Trading Game 2022 online event organized by The Trade Tribune. The meeting lasts for five days, from May 23 to May 27, and is aimed at people interested in learning more about day trading, focused on scientific knowledge with lectures by experts and a special course on Price Action promoted by NovaDAX.

NovaDAX experts will address important topics on the cryptocurrency market, including compliance and regulation, market and innovation, as well as security and financial education.

Among the confirmed speakers at NovaDAX are Renata Mancini, President of ABCripto and Head of Compliance and Risk at NovaDAX; César Felix, Head of OPS and CX at NovaDAX; Leonardo de Oliveira, Head of People and Culture at NovaDAX and Thais Marques, Head of Marketing at NovaDAX.

“The event will be an important step for traders to inform themselves about market trends and innovations based on data science and without false promises”, explains Beibei.

Main panels:

The Trading Game 2022

May 26th

Crypto Trader – Altcoins: notions, risks and security

• Thais Marques, Head of Marketing at NovaDAX

may, 27

Trader Brazil, World and Crypto Trader – Roundtable: the future of cryptoassets

• Renata Mancini, President of ABCripto and Head of Compliance and Risk at NovaDAX

• Bernardo Srur, Director of ABCripto

• Rodrigo Monteiro, Executive Director of ABCripto


The Trading Game 2022

Date: 23rd to 27th of May


Value: free

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