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UAE’s Web3 Saga: Cops, Lawyers, and Murders in Metaverse



As the ever-evolving metaverse continues to play a pivotal role in making UAE a pro-futuristic country, Finjuris Counsel FZ-LLC, a UAE-based legal consultancy firm joins the bandwagon by becoming the first of its kind to step foot in the metaverse.

In detail, Finjuris is an international legal advisory firm with a presence in the UAE, USA, UK, India, Singapore, Spain, and Estonia. They specialize in blockchain and cryptocurrency, fintech and crowdfunding, venture capital funds, and all types of white-collar crimes.

Currently operating in Decentraland, Finjuris aims to make the metaverse answerable, accountable, and transparent for adoption across all sectors.

Their main objective behind entering the Metaverse is to provide legal assistance and solve legal cyber issues that have been rapidly growing in the web3 space lately. They have mainly cited two issues that they aim to address:

  • Privacy Infringement: To tackle such concerns Finjuris introduced a system where victims can consult experts to get justice for crimes related to data abuse.
  • Restructuring Data Centers: Advocating the enforcement of data center guidelines in the metaverse, Finjuris will provide legal consultancy to users who encounter any issues concerning data breaches.

This is not the only development in the legal area that UAE has witnessed in the metaverse this week. In other news, the UAE police set up metaverse services to help the public by making themselves available in avatar form. The police will interact with the public in virtual space using VR gadgets.

Though UAE continues to grow as the global crypto hub endorsing everything related to the metaverse, it recently made headlines as netizens and human rights activists lampooned UAE’s AI minister, Omar Sultan Al Olama’s comment on outlawing cyber murders.

The comment was made while addressing the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, wherein he opined in believing that people who commit ‘serious crimes’ in the metaverse should be punished with real-world criminal consequences.

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