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LUNA Price Surges Notably, While LUNC & USTC Prices Spiked Out of the Blue



LUNA price after a significant brawl with the bears finally, jumped out of consolidation to surge nearly 30% since the early trading hours. On the other hand, LUNC & USTC prices have also made large moves, indicating the resurgence of a bullish trend. However, now that the top 2 cryptos are trembling down, will these assets also lose their grip over the uptrend?  

TerraClassic(LUNC) Price Analysis

  • LUNC price broke out of the accumulation phase in the early trading hours and by forming a couple of bullish flags surged more than 70% in early trading hours
  • The asset received a huge influx of buying volume that elevated the price from $0.00005893 to as high as $0.000101
  • Presently, the asset is experiencing a small price drain, but the uptrend may continue after a brief correction as it faced rejection at $0.0001 levels
  • The asset appears to be pretty bullish and hence the prices may close the day’s trade above these levels and may also remain bullish until the month-end

Terra(LUNA) Price Analysis

  • Similar price action is been witnessed with the LUNA price as the asset has broken out from a bull flag a couple of hours before
  • The price after a steep upward movement is currently undergoing a correction as an outcome of rejection faced just above $2.7
  • The consolidation between $2.47 and $2.51 may continue for a while, until the next leg up that may raise the price close to $3 
  • Therefore, the price may again form a bullish flag after a minor consolidation and eventually break out in the next 24 hours

At the press time, TerraClassic(LUNA) price stands at $0.00009107 with a jump of 54.67%, Terra (LUNA) price is at $2.52 with a surge of 27.64% and TerraClassicUSD (USTC) price is $0.0369 with a jump of 249.56%.

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