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Cardano Founder Reacts to Vitalik Buterin’s Derogatory Comment on EOS: “V, You OK?” 



Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, shocked the cryptocurrency community today after he took a swipe at EOS, one of the most popular blockchain networks in the past.

Buterin, who is not known for directly attacking a cryptocurrency project, took to Twitter to define EOS while adding sarcastic praise along the line.

In a tweet made by one of the staff, Josh Stark, at the Ethereum Foundation, the user quizzed the crypto community to explain what EOS means.

“Ok, I’ll bite – What’s EOS?” Stark tweeted.

Buterin’s Comment on EOS

Surprisingly, Buterin joined the list of Twitter users who commented on the tweet. However, his definition of EOS caught everyone’s attention. Buterin noted that the acronym EOS refers to “Ethereum On Steroids.” It did not stop there.

He added that the core team of the EOS project learned from the amateurish naivety and idealism of the Ethereum network and ended up building “a team of professional top-talent software developers that created a smart contract platform with much higher scalability and speed.”

Hoskinson Reaction to Buterin’s Comment

The cryptocurrency community was bewildered about Buterin’s comment, which prompted a series of reactions from his followers, including Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of Cardano.

In response to the tweet, Hoskinson asked Buterin if he was okay, considering the fact that the Ethereum co-founder is not known for such controversies.

“V, you OK?” Hoskinson asked.

Ethereum and EOS at Loggerhead

Although many thought Buterin’s account was hacked, it is noteworthy that both Ethereum and EOS have been in some sort of competition in the past few years. EOS is among the blockchains that made an outstanding debut, which earned it the name “Ethereum Killer.”

The hype around the project was massive after it raised a whopping $4 billion via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). However, the once popular blockchain has become a shadow of itself as there seems to be a decline in its usage.

Most of the developers who started the crypto project at its initial stage have left while the number of users currently on the network has declined drastically.

Following the travails of EOS, Buterin in 2019 lashed out at the network, saying the so-called Ethereum Killer is a centralized pile of thrash.


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